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Sharing nature with the animals

These movies are from a sensor that we put in the bush and captures animals at night.

Extension Programs

Extension Programs aim to provide students with the opportunity to further explore the Alpine environment, extend their outdoor skills, leadership skills and build independence.
It's an opportunity for students to participate in a challenging expedition style program in the Alpine environment and share this with other like-minded young people from across the state.

Choice of Programs
Once again we have on offer the Summits Walk, which is in its 13th year. We know the value of this style of program and would love to get more students coming back and taking on a bigger
challenge. That is why this year we have created two new and exciting options.

Summits Walk

5 day hike

 Extend Bushwalk

Hike & Raft

3 day hike, 2 days on river 

Extend Raft

Great Alpine Bike Ride

6 day cycle journey

Extend Bike Ride

These adventurers will journey on foot to discover more of the Victorian Alps. They might choose to start their journey on the Bogong High Plains at an achievable pace, taking in what they can. Rocky summits like The Jaitmathangs, Mt Cope, Mt Nelse, Spion Kopje, heathlands, herb fields, grasslands, snow gums and crystal streams. If they are willing they could journey down to cross the Big River
before climbing up high to the top of Victoria, Mt Bogong at  1986m above sea level.

These students will begin their journey at the top of Victoria's water catchment and travel on foot across the Bogong High Plains and down to the Mitta Mitta River.  In the historic Mount Wills area of the Glen Valley students will learn about their watercraft; which         could be rafts, inflatable kayaks or river sleds, depending on river height. They then  embark on the river component of their journey down the Mitta Mitta and follow part of the course the water takes on its trip to the ocean in South Australia.

After disembarking the train, students will jump
straight onto their bikes at Wangaratta where they begin their journey along
the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. This journey will take them along the Ovens
Valley to Bright. They then tackle Tawonga Gap on their way to the Kiewa Valley and the township of Mt. Beauty, finally ending up at Bogong Outdoor Education Centre. This cycle journey exposes students to the history and different uses of the Alpine Valleys. The journey is supported by a vehicle carrying all equipment.

All programs are journey-style programs where students camp in tents and cook their own food.
The Friday night at Bogong is a relaxed evening of celebration where students can reflect and
share stories with each other. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a written reference from their teacher outlining their achievements.



Student Quotes from Extension Programs

"This experience has taught me to take on things that might not be easy, that might push me out of my comfort zone".

"I enjoyed everything! From the walking, scenery to food and campsite conversation. However, I enjoyed the feeling that I had accomplished something special most."

"It means a lot to me, the whole experience was life changing. It'll influence me to push myself, to choose to be in the outdoors more and possibly changing careers."

"…it makes me realise how unique the Australian environment is and that its uniqueness should be preserved. It'll happen through social interaction and actually physically going out of the way to look after the environment."

"One of my new goals because of the Summits Walk would be to complete the Kokoda Track because of the perseverance skills I have learned."

"I enjoyed the way each day someone different was in charge and it wasn't all up to the staff that came along."

"I now want to return to the Alps for more hiking."

"I now know that I can do that sort of thing, not just think I can."

2008 Summits Walk Video

Alpine radio 96.5 FM interviews

Each week at 8:10am on a Friday morning selected students at the Bogong Campus undertake a radio interview with the Alpine Radio station to chat about their experiences throughout the week.

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Winter Connections Program - Bogong Campus

It's winter, there is snow on the ground and we look forward to seeing you soon at the Bogong Campus. 

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