15 Mile Creek Campus

15 Mile Creek Campus

At 15 Mile Creek, students develop a deeper connectedness with the natural environment.

We design and implement educational programs that cater for students from Prep - Year 12.

These residential programs range in duration from 1 day - 5 day, and in some instances longer.

At 15 Mile Creek, students' learning is based on our Core Learning Statement:

Through interactions in the natural world, 15 Mile Creek aims to:           

  • Develop in students an understanding of our relationship with the environment, others and ourselves.
  • Inspire curious and adventurous learners who can transfer this knowledge, skill and disposition to actively contribute towards a  sustainable world.


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Bogong Campus Programs

Bogong Campus Programs

Bogong Campus is set in the Victorian Alps near Falls Creek in North East Victoria. This location enables us to easily access the Bogong High Plains and the Alpine National Park which is a critical part to the delivery our curriculum and programs.

We aim to provide a school connected curriculum based program that becomes a part of the student's individual learning journey and is linked directly to assessment. When deciding on a Bogong program you will first look at the needs of the students that will be attending our school. Once you have established these requirements you will then look to align them with our aims:

  • Teams - Develop the social skills and knowledge to successfully work and learn in teams.
  • Extend - Extend yourself in mind and body
  • Confidence and Independence - Develop confidence, independence and ability to be adaptive in shaping your own future.
  • Connect - Develop connections with the Alpine Environment and its relationship to your home community.

Please Note: all programs involve education for sustainable living.

When selecting an aim you are able to look at the programs and subsequent activities that relate to that aim. Examples of the timetables are also available.

It is possible to negotiate components of your program in the lead up to your attendance at Bogong Campus.

All VCE, VCAL and VET programs will follow the curriculum as per their study designs and training programs.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require more information around our programs.

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